AF Challenge starts October 4, the perfect time to kick start your fitness journey to become the healthiest YOU possible!

Our unique 8 week program helps you make lifelong improvements for your health and well-being. Our tailored programs cater to those wanting to lose fat, build muscle or increase their athletic performance.
We’ve partnered with Thr1ve, Australia’s leading healthy ready meals company, to help you maximise your results by combining delicious healthy food with our AF Challenge workout plans.
Not to mention, the two ‘most transformed’ members will win $5,000!*. So, what have you got to lose? If you are a member keep an eye on your inbox on how to join online. Otherwise you can find your nearest club to get started, or speak to your club manager to sign up today.

3 programs to choose from

Lean AF

This program is designed to burn calories, combining cardio and metabolic conditioning to get results. If your goal is fat loss, this is the program for you. Lean AF is powered by Coach Paul, our cardio, functional and core training specialist.

Strong AF

This program is designed to build muscle, using a combination of scientifically-backed training principles. If your goal is to increase both lean muscle mass and strength, this is the program for you. Strong AF is powered by Coach Amanda, our strength & conditioning and rehabilitation specialist.

Athletic AF

This program is designed to improve sports performance, focusing on cardio, strength, speed and agility. If your goal is to obtain a new level of performance, this is the program for you. Athletic AF is powered by Coach Callam, our strength & conditioning, muscle activation and rehabilitation specialist.



Step by step workouts to transform your body including at home options.



We'll provide weekly meal plans put together by THR1VE for you to cook at home.



Order your challenge meals direct to your door thanks to THR1VE.



Checkpoints and ongoing tracking so you can stay motivated and see your improvements



Anytime Fitness Currimundi, QLD

I’ll start by rewinding to late January. I was going through my second “major depressive episode”, triggered by months of burnout. I was stressed, depressed, overweight, borderline alcoholic, a heavy smoker, and fast-food lover. Then my relationship ended and I really found rock bottom after that. I wasn’t coping and I honestly couldn’t remember what it felt like to be happy.

Fast forward 5 months and I’m the happiest I have ever been. EVER. I’m single, healthy, confident and I finally feel like I have a future to look forward to. I wake up most days feeling grateful.

This challenge was the lifeboat to save me from drowning (probably in red wine). It gave me something to focus on and steer me toward healthier habits, whilst distracting me from the bad ones. Plus, ever tried doing a 6:30am Saturday group class hungover? I don’t recommend it. So I committed to change when I signed up to the challenge, and what a change I made.

During the 8 weeks I quit smoking and drinking. I spent most of my free time prepping meals, going to the gym, and sipping cups of green tea while I listened to my favourite podcasts. My mental health has improved so much that I’ve begun a plan with my GP to work towards stopping my antidepressant by the end of the year. I’ve lost a heap of weight and gained so much more than I anticipated.

Special thanks to my coach Michal Glesk, who put up with me on my most frustrating days. I loved the entire experience. It wasn’t easy – it was extremely difficult, especially at social events where everyone was drinking. But I did it! And I have that “revenge body” people always seem to talk about after a break up. The cherry on top!

Thank you Anytime Currimundi and team!

Fast forward 5 months and I'm the happiest I have ever been.


Anytime Fitness Mount Barker, SA

For me, like many others, 2020 – 2021 has been hard. A close friend of mine was battling with his mental health behind closed doors and unfortunately took his own life. This was so close to home; it was extremely hard to take in. I was feeling very overwhelmed already and felt and incredible sadness for him and his family.

I, myself had not been to the gym for ages, also work and moving house stresses were getting me down. Losing my friend brought things to a head and I knew I needed to do something for my own mental health. I decided to allow myself to accept and understand these feelings. I signed up for the Anytime Fitness 8-week challenge and looked forward to 8 weeks of healing and physical well being.

My goals for the challenge were to regain focus and maintain consistency in the gym. A bonus was always going to be losing weight, and I pledged to hit 90kgs or below (with a starting weight of 101.1kgs). During the 8-week challenge Anytime Fitness ran the R U OK Tread as one walk or run. I participated in this to help raise awareness around mental health and raise money towards a great cause close to my heart.

I am so happy to know that I have dedicated my challenge to mental health and that I was able to seek out help, understand how I was feeling and make a change. I have completely turned my life around with these 8 weeks. I feel stronger, more focused, and ready with the bonus of 10.5kg weight loss.

Huge thank you to Anytime Fitness especially the Mount Barker staff for all their support. The timing was just meant to be, I look forward to hitting some more goals!

I have completely turned my life around with these 8 weeks.