Professionally developed
group fitness classes

Need that extra boost to turn it up? Then AF Team Training is for you.

This is a structured, progressive training programme designed to get
you results as a team. Our three group fitness classes, based on
different goals, mean you’re all in it together and at the same level.

Building session by session, the trainer pushes you further
in a supportive, motivating group training environment.


Come together to reach the same goals in our group classes. Whether you’re a newbie or gym regular, marathon runner or weight lifter, there are three AF Group Training levels to choose from:


Perfect your movement and fine tune your base conditioning with this challenging full-body program. Ideal for people new to working out or those looking to try a group fitness class for the first time.


Burn combines a functional workout with full-body strength training and group workouts. The ultimate fat loss workout – burn up to 1,000 calories an hour* then keep burning for up to 48 hours after.


If your goal is to get stronger and leaner, Build is for you. Heavier loads but fewer reps mean you strengthen and condition. This marriage of old-school methods and modern science delivers great results.

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