Personal training with an expert coach

Not sure where to start, or stuck in a routine? Try one-to-one sessions with one of our
coaching specialists.

You’ll work together to tailor a training plan specifically around you and your goals,
and help monitor your progress, moving forward session by session.

Whatever your level, our friendly Personal
Trainers will help you get those results
you want with expert advice and guidance.

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Everyone benefits from a Personal Trainer differently. From that boost of motivation, to their reams of expert knowledge.

But here are the core reasons our members love AF Personal Training:


AF Personal Training is all about finding what works for you. No matter what your goal, your Personal Trainer has the knowledge and passion to draw up a great plan and help get you there.


Often your initial goal will just be the start of your AF Personal Training experience. As you get stronger you’ll move up and beyond what you thought possible. And your trainer will have a full record to remind you how far you’ve come.


Forget feeling unmotivated and giving in to excuses. Your Personal Trainer is there to support and bolster you every step of your fitness journey. You’ll share the highs and lows and come out stronger than ever before.

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