Jul 7, 2016

Bust out of your running rut

No matter how much you love picking up the pace, there will always be days when you’re feeling blah, tired, a little bored, or just not in the mood to hit the pavement. Worse still, you might find that for weeks or months you’ve totally lost your good running vibes. It’s called the runner’s rut and we’ve all been there. To help you get back into your good-run-groove, try these tips from Katie Williams – beach flags champion and the fastest girl we’ve ever seen in real life.

#1 Break your routine

While we’re all pretty loyal to the same old running schedule, there’s some benefits to reap by breaking the routine. Run a little bit farther, do your usual route backwards (not literally) or go a different way altogether. Mixing things up will give your body a new challenge through varied inclines, twists and turns, while making things more interesting for your mind too.

#2 Get the right gear

We aren’t just talking about getting yourself an awesome new outfit from Stylerunner (that might help though!); we’re talking functional gear that makes running more efficient and reduces your risk of annoying injuries. Running in the correct shoes is a good place to start. If you’ve been ignoring niggling calf pain or a twinge in your knee, your runners could be the issue. Get your foot fitted properly for a shoe that suits your gait, your arch and your running style.

#3 Split up your run

Running 10kms non-stop isn’t for everyone. If you find yourself struggling to stay focused 2km in then break your run up into sections to keep you inspired. Not only will you get a little breather at each “check point” but you can also focus your mind on the next point rather than trying to keep it from convincing you to take a walk. Try this: Every time you reach a 1km mark, stop for 10 squats and 15 push-ups.

#4 Get techy

Find that running isn’t keeping you motivated like it used to? Track your run with a fitness monitor that shows your average heart rate, distance run and also tracks your route. Set yourself goals based on the data, like running a faster 5km or going further at a lower heart rate. Not into wearable tech? There are a heap of great apps that can track your run on your smartphone. Strava will track where you’ve gone, how far you travelled and how long it took so that you can compare your performance over time.

#5 Leave your ’hood

Running the well-beaten track in your suburb might be comfortable but changing things up with some new scenery (and a route you don’t know like the back of your hand) is a sure-fire way to keep your run interesting. Make a date with a friend to run a new track followed by brekky. We’re betting there are a whole heap of great running routes that you haven’t discovered in your city yet. Jump onto MapMyRun and check out a new one.