Jul 26, 2017

City2Surf : Sally Fitzgibbons’ training tips

Challenge yourself and enter this years’ Sun Herald City2Surf on Sunday 13 August, 2017 and you could run alongside pro surfer and professional athlete Sally Fitzgibbons. Sally shares her training tips for the race here.

Movements used to train for surfing can also give you a huge advantage as a runner, according to professional athlete Sally Fitzgibbons. The 26-year-old, who recently won the Margaret River Pro surfing competition, is sharing the fitness routine outlined in her “All Australian Beach Body” app, which she said is perfect for runs such as The Sun-Herald City2Surf event held Sunday 13 August, 2017.
My workout uses a lot of those movements where you finish in a surf stance or it simulates how you paddle out or ride a wave,” Ms Fitzgibbons said. “It’s a bodyweight session that’s all about getting your body moving, and the variety of training.”
She will conduct a live workout in Sydney on the weekend of the 14-kilometre race.

Running around with the steam coming up all around you as you’re breathing, I think that’s the best feeling” – Sally Fitzgibbons.

Fitzgibbons, who has been doing the City2Surf since 2010, is an ambassador for this year’s event, and says the annual fun run is a nice break from the solo training involved in sports such as running and surfing.
It’s just a very iconic race and creates something special,” she said. “A huge community running together, I love that feeling.”
The course, which winds from Hyde Park through the eastern suburbs and ends at Bondi Beach, also embodies one of Fitzgibbons’ favourite things about running.

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