Mar 30, 2017

Full body resistance training for weight loss & conditioning

Written by: Sam Theyers – Head of Fitness, Anytime Fitness Australia

We hear it a lot these days that workouts like HIIT training are more effective to burn calories than a number of other approaches such as long cardio sessions on the treadmill. Quite often however, we find HIIT and circuit sessions are made up of largely body weight exercises.

I firmly believe that people benefit greatly in so many respects from resistance training in the gym. Improving strength and large multi-joint movements are incredibly important for our health as well as for being efficient, avoiding injury and helping with mobility as we age, as well as the big ticket items we hear most commonly which is losing weight and toning up.

My top tip is to take some big resistance movements and use them to build workouts that are both challenging for the muscles like a weights workout, but will elevate your heart rate and test your lung capacity like a treadmill or rower session would.

The awesome thing about this approach is that it gives you the ability to manipulate the session in order to improve weight loss or toning as well as increase muscle mass. Another benefit is the exercises can remain the same, but the weight and rounds can be adjusted to suit your goal. The icing on the cake is that these workouts can last for as little at 15 minutes, but due to their intensity they become highly effective without taking hours and hours out of your working week.

Below is a sample workout for you to try:


Workout duration: 15 minutes

* Choose a weight that is challenging, but which you can do several reps of.

Begin with 5 repetitions on each exercise, then for your second round, complete 6 reps of each exercise followed by 7, 8, 9… etc. and continue to build your reps until you reach 15 minutes.

Fancy a bigger challenge? Try doing it for 20-25 minutes.

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