Mar 2, 2017

Motivation based on your behaviour profile

Written by: Sam Theyers – Head of Fitness, Anytime Fitness Australia

For 17 years I have constantly seen people come and go from the gym, they all have the best intentions of achieving their goals, but ultimately some do and some don’t. We all have a “why” which is the reason we want our results, for some people it’s fitting into that wedding dress, getting that summer beach body, to fight the family history of heart disease, or for others it could be to get in shape so that they can run around with the kids on a weekend for more than 2 minutes. Often we think that if we have a good “why” that we will achieve the goal, however I can tell you that this isn’t enough. On top of knowing your why, you also need to know HOW you are best motivated, and this comes down to your personal behaviour profile.

Below are four descriptions of “behaviour profiles” pick the one that sounds MOST like you; ask a friend to see what they think is most like you as well. Once you have selected your profile, make steps to motivate yourself in that way. I have been using this technique with clients and employees for 17 years, and motivating people the way that suits their behaviour profile gains more success than any other technique I have tried. Good luck!

Profile 1:

Extrovert, decisive, tough, strong-willed, competitive, demanding, independent, self-centred, moves fast, takes risks, goal oriented, gets things done now.

How to motivate yourself: Set goals and targets for your workouts, be competitive with yourself and others, keep things simple and to the point, focus on the end game, record all of your personal bests and constantly try to beat them.

Profile 2:

Extrovert, sociable, talkative, open, enthusiastic, energetic, persuasive, emotional, optimistic, lively, people-oriented, spontaneous

How to motivate yourself: Have fun, have a lot of variety, training in a group is great for this profile, remain positive, build a group of gym friends who you can socialise with when you train or before and after your sessions.

Profile 3:

Introvert, calm, steady, careful, patient, good listener, modest, trustworthy, laid back, persistent, shy and quiet

How to motivate yourself: Go at your own pace, socialise in small groups with people who make you feel comfortable, get to know the staff and let them get to know you, keep to a regular schedule, make promises to your friends and family that you will do the training, make sure you have support.

Profile 4:

Introvert, precise, follows rules, logical, careful, formal, disciplined, analytical, needs data, information, matter-of-fact, does things correctly

How to motivate yourself: Do your research, educate yourself on what you are training and make an effort to understand the purpose and reasoning for what you doing, track your progress and keep a diary of your training, invest in a tracking devise and review all of your data each week. Regularly measure your progress and monitor all of your key goals e.g. weight, body fat, cholesterol, resting heart rate, waist measurements etc. Data is king.