Feb 6, 2017

Using technology to increase success

Written by: Sam Theyers – Anytime Fitness Head of Fitness

It’s no secret that success in your health and fitness goals comes down to a few simple “must do’s”. These include setting goals, getting access to great education and programming and logging/tracking your progress. In the fitness industry today there are so many tools available to help you toward success, but it can be hard to figure out which one to use. That’s where we can come in to help. Not only are these must do’s important for you to achieve, but as the largest fitness brand in Australia we feel it’s our responsibility to provide you with easy ways to achieve them.

January 2017 saw the launch of our biggest member engagement tool, and possibly the biggest fitness engagement tool the industry has ever seen. This was the launch of Anytime Workouts, a mobile app which is linked to our Anytime Fitness app (powered by Anytime Health).

Anytime Workouts grants the user access to over 1,100 workouts – anytime, anywhere. We are offering the app to Anytime Fitness members at no additional cost to their membership, saving each and every one of our members $10.99 per month (based on the equivalent public market product). Along with Anytime Workouts comes Map My Fitness also at no additional cost – meaning access to app content worth a total native-brand value of $16.98 per month.

So let’s get back to your 3 must do’s and how to use Anytime Workouts to achieve them.

Setting Goals

The Anytime Fitness mobile app has a section for setting your goals, tracking club visits and your workouts. Anytime Workouts is accessible via the Anytime Fitness mobile app and the great thing about using this tool in your goal setting is that it allows you to schedule workouts and log your progress; saving progress photos, weight progression and measurements. You can also make notes on your workouts to see what’s helping you toward achieving your goals.

Access to Education and Programming

As mentioned, our Anytime Workouts app includes over 1,100 pre-made workouts ranging from yoga, sports training, general fitness, functional training, strength and weight loss. Not sure about an exercise? No problem, there are more than 2,700 images, videos, audio and even written instructions on how to do each exercise. On top of that, Anytime Workouts provides you the ability to customise the workouts and build your own from scratch.

Logging and Tracking Progress

Every time you do a workout, Anytime Workouts has the capability for you to access data on every workout you have ever completed previously through its history section. This means that every time you repeat an exercise, you can get quick access to all the previous weights and reps you completed to see how you’re progressing toward your goals.

So what do you need to do to get Anytime Workouts? Simply click here for either the Google Play or Apple app store and download the Anytime Fitness mobile app. Once you’re set up in the app, download Anytime Workouts (there will be an icon at the bottom of your mobile screen to do this). There is a step by step guide built into Anytime Workouts to guide you through the set up and an “Ask” section, just in case you need help. For more information, visit our Anytime Workouts page here.

Good luck with 2017! You have the tools, all you need to do now is turn up to your local Anytime Fitness and use them.