5 Great Benefits of Strength Training

5 Great Benefits of Strength Training

Anytime Fitness Australia


Jul 31, 2022

Strength training over recent years has gained more and more popularity and is included in almost every program as people have gained a better understanding of it’s benefits. Some people today even consider strength training to be at the top of the list in your training routine, to help improve your health. 

Strength training can involve a variety of styles including body weight, gym equipment and resistance bands.  

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 great benefits of strength training and why you should include it as part of your health and fitness journey: 

1. Build self-esteem:

Studies have suggested that there is a link between strength training and positive body image, that can include body satisfaction. Strength training challenges you physically and mentally, enabling you to overcome challenges and reaffirm your body’s ability to achieving progress. This leads to a greater sense of self confidence, along with the post-workout benefits of an endorphin release that boosts your mood.  

2. Lowers risk of injury:

Studies have suggested that strength training in your program can reduce the risk of injury by up to 33%. This is due to the improved strength and muscle function in your body, the improved range of motion in the joints and the improved mobility of the muscles, ligaments and tendons. Strength training can help to identify and improve muscle imbalances to reduce the risk of injury.  

3. Efficient calorie burning:

Increased lean muscle mass makes your body more metabolic efficient, which will allow you to burn more calories post-workout and rest. Studies have suggested that your metabolic rate is elevated post a strength training session for up to 72 hours, meaning you are burning more calories.  

4. Makes you stronger: 

By strength training and implementing progressive overload into your program, your body’s overall strength will improve, making everyday tasks and activities much easier. It will help to improve your performance in recreational or sporting activities from endurance based, through to high impact power sports, as well as your everyday life.  

5. Build Better Immunity: 

Strength training is a powerful tool to assist in preventing body breakdown. This is due to the ability of the body as a result of strength training to rejuvenate and build stronger muscle fibres, in particular type II (fast twitch) muscle fibres. Strength training will improve your cellular health and the functional health of your body.  

Whether you love cardio, swimming, cycling, group workouts or want to add strength training into your health and fitness routine – we’ll help you find what works for you. 

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By Ben Richards, Anytime Fitness Australia National Fitness Manager