Sep 25, 2018

5 HIIT workouts you can do in less than 20 minutes

Now answer this honestly, how many times have you regretted doing a workout? My point exactly!

Often times the hardest part of getting moving is exactly that – saying no to excuses and making the decision to move, regardless of where you are, what the weather is like or how little time you might have up your sleeve.

A good high intensity interval training (HIIT) session won’t just get you burning bulk calories in a short period of time, it can also boost your mood and contribute to significant fitness results when done regularly.

Strapped for time? No worries!

Here’s 5 HIIT workouts you can do in less than 20 minutes – and we’ve got one for every occasion. Now there’s no excuse not to get moving!

  1. Outdoor HIIT Workout

Sometimes you can’t make it to the gym, other times you just need some fresh air – we get it! Here’s an outdoor HIIT workout you can do anywhere. Try and find some grass (or another comfy surface) and mark out 15m – this is your working zone.

Warm up: 2 x laps: Inch worm with push up at the bottom and squat at the top
Workout: Set a timer for 20 minutes. Complete 1 exercise after another with no rest in-between. Rest for 30 seconds at the end (after the plank) before repeating the circuit. Continue working until time runs out.


  1. Beach HIIT Workout

Leverage an epic natural training tool for this workout – the sand! Soft sand creates resistance, forcing our muscles to work harder, while hard sand supports quicker movements. Get ready to get sandy!

Warm up: 5 min jog
Workout: map out 25 metres in the sand (using large steps to measure metres). Complete each exercise 1 after another with 20 seconds rest in between.


  1. Hotel Room/ Lounge Room HIIT Workout

No equipment, no space? No problem! It’s amazing what you can find around your home or hotel room to compliment an awesome sweat session.

Workout: try 15 reps of each for 3 x rounds. Simply add more rounds for an extra burn.


  1. Gym HIIT Workout

Make the most out of a fully equipped gym with this full body HIIT workout. Try this combo to build lean muscle and burn calories for hours after your workout has ended. Volume is key here, so pick weights that challenge you.

Warm up: 5 mins of Treadmill, Bike, or Cross Trainer
Workout: complete 8-12 reps for 3-4 sets.


  1. Peak Hour Gym Workout

A busy gym doesn’t need to mean a poor workout. You only need a small amount of space and equipment to get sweaty with this one.

Workout: Complete each exercise for 45 seconds on, 15 seconds rest, 3 sets before moving to the next exercise.


National Fitness Manager, Anytime Fitness – Kate Allott 


With a career spanning 10 years as a dancer, Kate has always been fascinated by human body movement. This active background launched her into a new career in personal training, before moving into the position of National Fitness Manager at Anytime Fitness Australia. Kate’s holistic view of health and fitness is driven by her passion to educate Australians about the link between physical fitness and mental health. For Kate, it’s all about wellness, movement, and doing what you love.