5 reasons to do more LISS

5 reasons to do more LISS

Jenna Green


Aug 29, 2018

The thought of burning body fat tends to paint an immediate picture of heavy panting, severe sweating and let’s face it –  a certain degree of pain. The good kind of course!

But forget everything you thought you knew about fat burning exercise – because what I’m about to tell you might come as a surprise.

To tap into those fatty energy stores, a leisurely stint on the treadmill, cross trainer or bike may be just what you need.

Here’s why.


Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio is aerobic exercise that is typically performed for 30 – 60 minutes, keeping your heart rate at around 60% (AKA: your fat burning sweet spot).

And while there’s no denying that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a calorie scorcher, it’s fair to consider LISS as a slow simmer, and for optimal results, you should be incorporating a combination of both LISS and HIIT into your training regime.

Here’s 5 reasons to do more LISS:

  1. LISS will help you to burn fat

Now to the science around the fat burn. Training at a lower intensity means that more oxygen is available to the body. Fat needs oxygen in order to be broken down, so the more oxygen we give our body, the more fat it will burn! LISS is an important addition to your fitness regime because it helps the body to metabolise fat.

  1. LISS can be used to build your fitness level 

At a low level of intensity, you can sustain your workout for longer periods and build your endurance over time. LISS is also typically lower impact, making it a great form of exercise for people who are out of shape, new to fitness or are recovering from injury.

  1. There are countless exercises to choose from

There’s really no excuse not to do LISS! Whether you’re a runner by passion or a cycling fanatic, LISS training can be performed in a wide variety of ways to suit your preference. The opportunities for gym goers are extensive, with the choice of hitting up the treadmill, the cross trainer, the stair climber, bike or rower. LISS training is also great for those who like to take their workout outdoors, with walking, jogging, cycling or swimming all being great LISS options.

  1. LISS makes it easy to socialise while you work out! 

A tell-tale sign you’ve surpassed the threshold of low intensity into moderate or high intensity is the inability to keep up a conversation. LISS training is a great opportunity to get your fitness and social fix together as one. Hit the pavement with a friend and keep the conversation flowing!

  1. LISS can help you to avoid the dreaded plateau

Consistency is key, but repetition is not. When we train in the same style consistently, without switching it upour intelligent bodies quickly detect this and will adapt to use the least amount of energy as possible. Changing up your exercise routine with different styles of training (i.e. HIIT, LISS and resistance) will keep your body guessing and support greater results.

National Fitness Manager, Anytime Fitness – Kate Allott 


With a career spanning 10 years as a dancer, Kate has always been fascinated by human body movement. This active background launched her into a new career in personal training, before moving into the position of National Fitness Manager at Anytime Fitness Australia. Kate’s holistic view of health and fitness is driven by her passion to educate Australians about the link between physical fitness and mental health. For Kate, it’s all about wellness, movement, and doing what you love.