5 Ways to Keep Fit on a Tropical Holiday

5 Ways to Keep Fit on a Tropical Holiday

Anytime Fitness Australia


Mar 4, 2018

Staying on track and keeping fit while relaxing on a beach is easier than you think! Here are a 5 tips that are easy to achieve. So you can let yourself go, without letting yourself go!

1. Keep active – improvise your workout

If you’re travelling somewhere without an Anytime Fitness around, be creative and use the destination as your gym! Grab a kayak, surfboard or stand-up paddle board for an adventure on water or hit the streets and explore the destination on a run. The key is to keep moving while enjoying the sights and sounds of your well-deserved holiday.

2. Eat mindfully and enjoy the local cuisine

Eating healthy comes naturally while on an island getaway, as most tropical hotspots boast fresh fish, fruits and vegetables as part of the local cuisine. Of course, restaurants will have a wide range of food options but why not try the tuna sashimi with a side of pawpaw salad instead of the usual fish and chips! And what’s more, while tucking into these local delights, take it slow (you’re on holiday time) and enjoy the beautiful lagoon views as you sip on a cold coconut and dig into a fragrant island fruit bowl.

3. Stay hydrated

Often times on sun soaked holidays we forget the simplest of daily routines like drinking enough water when in fact, this is the time where you need it the most. From sun filled days to pina colada fuelled nights, you’ll need to stay well hydrated to keep your body happy and healthy.

4. Forgo transportation for walking or riding a bike

Tropical islands, like Rarotonga in the Cook Islands, are often times the perfect place to skip the usual transportation for a walk or bicycle ride as they’re easy to navigate, offer incredible weather conditions and have beautiful lookouts along the way. With that said, they say the best way to explore a new destination is by foot, ultimately making your daily 10,000 steps a new experience not a challenge.

5. Remember your wellness

The tranquil beauty of an island paradise is the ideal place to connect with oneself, escaping the busy city vibes for some tropical peace and relaxation. From meditation to yoga and even a spa treatment on the beach, there are endless opportunities to nurture your body and mind. Remember that while you do want to stay active, you also want to take a pause to appreciate your surroundings.

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