Are you overtraining?

Are you overtraining?

Anytime Fitness Australia


Apr 17, 2019

Daily exercise poses many benefits and is vitally important when it comes to both physical and mental health. However, exercise can be addictive and while it’s good for us, it is also possible to ‘overtrain.’ Here are some of the signs you are overtraining and should consider dialling back your exercise regime:

You have sore muscles, ALL THE TIME.
Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) can be a satisfying feeling. It’s a sign you’ve had a challenging workout and it usually passes after a few days. However, if your muscles are constantly sore it can mean you aren’t giving your body the time it needs to recover, resulting in extended periods of DOMS.

Increased injuries
Rest is important to repair the small strains you naturally create while training. Reduced rest means that these small strains aren’t getting the time they need to heal and can therefore turn into bigger, more serious injuries. Overtraining can also re-aggravate old injuries.

Reduced health
Forcing the body into a state of constant fatigue means it doesn’t have the energy to fight off illness. Because of this, your body is more prone to picking up bugs and then struggles to get rid of them.

Reduced results
Recovery between sessions is vital for results. It allows your body to repair those small strains from training, thus building strength and putting your body in a position where it is ready to go back and do it again. Overtraining can create plateaus or even negative results.

So what is the ‘right’ amount you should be training?
10,000 steps per day as well as 30 active minutes of exercise is something your body can easily handle and should be the minimum daily target. If you’re doing considerably more than this and seeing any of the above signs, it’s time to revisit your regime. Remember, more exercise doesn’t necessarily mean more results. Listen to your body and ensure you are allocating days for rest and recovery.

National Fitness Manager, Anytime Fitness – Kate Allott 


With a career spanning 10 years as a dancer, Kate has always been fascinated by human body movement. This active background launched her into a new career in personal training, before moving into the position of National Fitness Manager at Anytime Fitness Australia. Kate’s holistic view of health and fitness is driven by her passion to educate Australians about the link between physical fitness and mental health. For Kate, it’s all about wellness, movement, and doing what you love.