Why everyone is squatting – benefits of squats

Why everyone is squatting – benefits of squats

Anytime Fitness Australia


Jan 17, 2019

Despite contrary belief, squatting is not just for bodybuilders, powerlifters or even athletes; nor does it have to be about building muscle. Squatting is, and should be, for everyone. While going to the gym and seeing flocks crowded around the free weight section can be intimidating, it’s important to understand the benefits of squats, why everyone should be doing them and that they can be done anywhere, at any time!

  1. Squats replicate everyday movement – Bending down to pick up the groceries, putting your shoes on, grabbing something you’ve dropped on the ground; all of these are the same movement. Squatting allows you to complete this motion with ease as well as prevent injury whilst doing so.
  2. Increases speed – There have been multiple studies done that show a correlation between squat strength and speed. Essentially, the science says that the more you’re able to squat, the more force you can exert into the ground, which in turn means the more power you get behind your acceleration.
  3. Build muscle AND burn calories – Often, we see workouts targeted at either strengthening OR calorie scorching. Squats are a compound movement, meaning they work several muscles while simultaneously burning calories and speeding up your metabolism – triple win!
  4. Prevent injuries – Squats aid in minimising injury by strengthening surrounding ligaments, connective tissues and stabiliser muscles. In addition, they help improve mobility which allows a greater range of motion.*
  5. Anywhere, anytime – One of the greatest benefits of squats is that you can do them anywhere, anytime, at no cost! It’s one of the most efficient exercises that targets multiple muscles yet doesn’t require any equipment.
  6. Improve overall posture – Learning how to squat and increasing the weight in which you do will directly translate to performing your daily activities with that same form.

The benefits of squats are endless and can serve a different purpose to everyone doing them. If you find yourself stuck in a stale gym routine, squats are a great exercise to throw in as they can be altered and modified several different ways. Get squatting!