Mar 30, 2017

Meet #TEAMEHP At The Fitness Show Sydney

The Fitness Show is returning to Sydney for the first time since 2012 from 28-30 April at the ICC Darling Harbour! #TEAMEHP athletes Katya Elise Henry, Jaco de Bruyn, Josef Rakich, Robbie Frame and Rachel Dillon are amongst the long list of special guests who will be appearing at the show across the weekend.

In time for their appearance, the team at the Fitness Show caught up with #TEAMEHP to find out their favourite tips when it comes to building strength. Here’s what they had to say…


 Jaco de Bruyn

“As a Muscle Model Pro, strength training is an essential part of my program. The best tip I have for building strength is to lift heavy, but never to the point where you sacrifice form. I’ve received injuries from lifting more weight than I should have, so my best advice is to listen to your body and challenge yourself to weights that are achievable (and safe). Increase the load slowly but never sacrifice form for weight. The key is to train hard, but train safe.”

KATYA ELISE HENRY – Online Trainer and Fitness Model

Katya Elise Henry

“Strength training makes up the foundation of my workouts. I love using weights in unique ways to target my muscles and achieve gains! My best tip when doing any form of strength training is to focus on the mind/muscle connection. It’s not about how heavy you are lifting, but more about activating the right muscles and really feeling the burn. During training, make sure to really think about switching on those desired muscles and using them to make the weight move.”

JOSEF RAKICH – The world’s #1 Online Trainer

Josef Rakich

“My best tip for strength training would be to follow progressive overload, and also to use a lot of different exercises. Constantly increasing your weight and challenging yourself is a great way to keep stimulating and growing your muscles. I always try to mix up my workouts every few weeks, so as to target my muscles in different ways, which shocks my body and avoids that plateau. I find that these principles really effective, both for me and my clients.”

ROBBIE FRAME – Online Coach

Robbie Frame

“My number one tip for strength training, and any resistance training in general, is to always avoid sacrificing form. Not only will correct form limit your chance of injury, but it will also increase the propensity of your long-term gains. Correctly performing each exercise should be an integral part of everyone’s program. Even after years of training, I always mentally prepare myself for a lift and focus on performing the movement in a safe and controlled manner.” 


Rachel Dillon

“I am constantly surprised by how few of my girls know and understand the benefits of strength training. A lot of ladies think cardio is the only method to achieve weight loss, and so are often disappointed when they don’t end up with the proportionate, toned body they were dreaming of. My advice is to adopt a training program that takes a holistic approach. Cardio can be a great way to burn calories, but it’s also important to stimulate muscle development so as to show off what is hiding underneath those kilos you are burning! I love using circuits with various strength exercises to burn calories and build muscle at the same time!”


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