It’s all about MOTIVATION!

It’s all about MOTIVATION!

Anytime Fitness Australia


Aug 28, 2017

Motivation – if only we could bottle it! Sometimes it sticks around for a while, sometimes it’s gone as fast as it arrives. Whatever part of your fitness journey you are on, waves of motivation are completely normal. Here are some tips and tricks to get back in the gym if you find you are no longer aboard the motivation train;
  • Start the week right

    No matter the distractions and excuses, start Monday on the right note. A Monday of movement and good nutrition will set success for the remainder of the week and likewise, a Monday without it can be a downward spiral.

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  • Plan it out

    Sometimes we have the best of intentions to train during the week ahead, but never actually commit to going. At the end of each week, plan for the week ahead. Book in your training sessions, plan what you will do in each session, as well and what you will be eating for the week.


  • Fuel the machine

    We expect a lot from our body, and in return we need to look after it. Putting the right fuels in gives us more energy and a healthier frame of mind, often resulting in us finding the motivation we need to get moving!

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  • Change it up

    If you are bored of your current routine, don’t force yourself to keep doing the same thing. Ask your local PT for some new exercises, or use the Anytime Workouts App for some fresh workout ideas.


  • Bring a friend

    Sometimes on those days, you need a little extra push, working out with a mate is just what you need to get you to the gym. Plus, it always makes the session more fun – why not try a partner workout!

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What are your top tricks and tips to increase your motivation? Do any of the ones listed above work particularly well for you? And don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for your daily boost of motivation!