Dec 1, 2017

When choosing meals of convenience, be sure to still consider nutrition

Ready-to-eat meals, whether home-delivered or on supermarket shelves, are a convenient option. But not all are created equal.

Eating right plays a huge role in positive body transformations and achieving your fitness goals, as well as simply feeling better, so if you’re serious about being healthy there are many factors to consider from a nutritional viewpoint.

It’s one of the reasons we love ENE-CHI: they tick all the boxes, with fresh, balanced, safely produced meals and provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks each day.

In fact, it’s fair to say they have gone to extraordinary lengths to balance their meal plans, ensuring they are technically and nutritionally superior to any other ready meal product available in Australia.

The practical nutritional framework for ENE-CHI’s meal plans has been developed by nationally-renowned nutritionist and health scientist Kristen Beck, based on analysis of Australian Dietary Guidelines, World Health Organization recommendations and the latest global research. The menus are packed with the recommended daily serves of fruit and vegetables, while maximising protein and fibre, limiting added sugars and ensuring salt levels conform to suggested targets.

Put simply, ENE-CHI is setting the benchmark for the fresh meal industry. That’s why we’ve chosen ENE-CHI to be the fresh meal supplier for Anytime Fitness.

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