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Aug 26, 2021

They say a good day starts off with a good night’s sleep, right? So setting yourself up for a quality sleep before your head hits the pillow is equally as important. We know that each individual’s nighttime routine does vary, but if you are finding sweet dreams aren’t coming as easy as they should, then we have some suggestions for you. Below you will find 7 of our favourite ways to wind down each evening to get ready for those much-needed and deserved Zzzz’s!

Sip, sip, sip 

Sipping on a delicious and calming warm drink post dinner is a sure sign that sleep is on the way. Herbal teas don’t contain any caffeine, so won’t keep you up half the night and with so many great varieties out there now, there is a taste to suit everyone. Two of our go-to’s include peppermint tea and chamomile tea. Peppermint is great for assisting with digestive issues and feelings of bloating. Chamomile tea is popular for its effects on people with insomnia. You can even get delicious tea’s now that contain sleep-specific concoctions, such as the ‘Twining’s Live Well Sleep Well’.

Wash off the day

There is no better feeling than when you slip into your sheets at the end of the day, clean and fresh. Brushing your teeth, having a shower and washing your face are such easy ways to wind down to feel comfortable and ready for bed. Plus, no one wants a dirty bed!

P.S. The recommendation for washing your lovely sheets is generally once a week to keep them as dirt, fungus and germ free as possible.

Create those sweet scents

Before you head to bed, you might like to enjoy some incense or pop on an oil diffuser so that you can create a gorgeous and calming scent in the air. Lavender and citrus combinations are some of the most popular and soothing scents, and can help you wind down as you get ready for bed. Lavender has been proven to have wonderful calming and relaxation properties, helping with insomnia and in adjusting your mood.

Tidy up your space

Waking up and falling asleep surrounded by shoes, clothes, books and any other bits and pieces can finish off and start up the day with a cluttered mind. It doesn’t take long to hang up those clothes sitting on the chair in the corner. Create a lovely, clean space ready for a wonderful sleep and a fabulous day.

Listen to some soothing sounds

Calming sounds such as classical music has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress. Whether it is classical music, sounds of the rain or a sleep guided meditation, these sounds are an amazing way to set you up for a great night’s sleep. Remember to pick something that is soothing for you – everyone is different and finds comfort in various sounds!

Keep your phone away

It is a very common recommendation that is easier said than done, right? ‘Don’t look at a screen in bed.’ But even if you need your phone close by, maybe reduce your screen time by not allowing yourself to scroll or text. Instead pop your alarm on and put it on charge on the other side of the room out of arm’s reach. Once you are comfy and cosy in bed, you will be less enticed to get up and check it. It can wait until tomorrow.

Get into a good book

And finally, once your phone is down and you are ready to really relax into your pillows, pick up a good book to wind your mind down in a great way. For many people, reading is something that does send them to sleep. Why? Reading assists in moving your consciousness elsewhere, and does require a fair bit of work from your eyes and brain to interpret the story. This all in turn can make you feel more tired and ready to drift off to sleep.