Brighten your day with a morning routine

Brighten your day with a morning routine

Jenna Green

Health & Wellbeing

May 3, 2018

Not everyone is a morning person. While some people naturally wake up refreshed and ready to go, most of us would probably snooze right through our morning meetings if we had the option.

While it might feel great to get extra beauty sleep, this “snooze button” mentality can actually zap productivity and cause far more issues than it solves.

Instead of spending that hour desperately trying to sleep between alarms, invest that time into you instead!

Here’s 6 tips to help you seize the day, from the moment the day starts!

Start the night before.

Don’t wait to plan your day until after it’s started! By writing out your to-do lists and goals for the next day the night before, you’ll already have a plan in place when your feet hit the floor.

Hydrate, right away.

Overnight is (hopefully) the longest period of time you go without drinking water. No one is trying to get in the way of you and your coffee, but chug some water while you wait for it to brew.

Eat within an hour.

We know it can be hard to work breakfast into your schedule, but creating simple meals full of nutrients doesn’t have to take a heap of time! Simple breakfast smoothies or overnight oats can have all of the nutrients your body needs to kick start the day, without adding hassle to your morning. Look for a breakfast with a carbohydrate, a protein, and a small amount of healthy fat to fuel your energy!

Actively seek motivation.

We all have different things that get us motivated. Whether you like to read, write or listen to podcasts, carve out some time in your morning to do what gets you excited.

Set your intention.

Negative thoughts never lead to good things, especially first thing in the morning! Set an intention for the day, even if it’s just making a note to smile. If you start to feel negative, remember your intention and refocus your energy toward staying positive!


We know, we know: We’re obviously biased. Morning workouts admittedly aren’t for everyone, but if they are your thing, it’s the best way to start your day. A kick of energy and crossing exercise off your to-do list early sounds like a win/win to us!