Welcome Dan Conn! Here’s his Top 5 Wellness Tips

Welcome Dan Conn! Here’s his Top 5 Wellness Tips

Anytime Fitness Australia

Health & Wellbeing

Sep 4, 2017

You may have seen the news – we recently introduced Daniel Conn as our new Wellness Director across the Collective Wellness Group (CWG), including Anytime Fitness. Welcome, Dan!

The fitness start and ex-NRL player has been using the fitness industry to share his inspirational battle against depression and to save lives.

“My medicine is speaking to other people about their mental health issues. A big thing with depression is isolation, but actually speaking up can help you feel better about it”

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Here are Dan’s top 5 top wellness tips for a positive mind set:

  1. Find out what makes you happiest and do more of it every day
    “For me, a blend of music, sweat and talking to someone will definitely get me smiling!”
  1. Step back and enjoy the moment
    “So many of us focus on the destination and don’t enjoy the actual journey. It’s always good to stop, take a breath and see how good we’ve got it. Wherever you are today – right NOW- ask yourself what are you grateful for?”
  1. Let go of the fear of judgement
    “The worst trait that we can form is called ‘fear of what other people think’ Do you, be you and never doubt your own ability! When the time is right to back yourself, do it! If you believe in you, so will everyone else… “
  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out
    “We all have down days and it can be difficult to reach out and not tell anyone we’re hurting. But it’s these days that I’m so proud to see people realise that the greatest strength we have, is the strength to ask for help.”
  2. Make sure you get moving!
    “Choose an activity you love to do, gather some mates and aim for 30 minutes of daily physical activity. “Want to head to the gym but need some inspiration? Why not try our Anytime Workouts App for workouts and exercise instructions (including videos)!


Dan is a welcome addition to the Anytime Fitness family and will be sharing his fitness and wellness expertise each month. He’ll be active across social media so make sure you’re following us for all the info.