Goal setting and goal getting

Goal setting and goal getting

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Jan 3, 2021

Below we will be discussing how it doesn’t only pay to become a goal setter, but more importantly a goal getter! Mindset coach, Anne McKeown, founder of 2MPower will talk us through how she flipped the well-known ‘SMART’ goals on their head.

SMART goals, right? If you haven’t, SMART is a simple acronym to set goals:

S: Specific
M: Measurable
A: Achievable
R: Realistic
T: Timed

SMART goals are an acronym taught throughout school, university, and even past these school gates into the workplace and through life on how to make considered set goals! They are great for conscious mind thinkers and goal setters for very specific goals you want to reach.

Anne found when talking to one of her coaches that she is more of an unconscious mind thinker, being more creative and process oriented in everything she did. She found that the idea of ‘SMART’ goals didn’t necessarily motivate and inspire her to a great extent. So, instead, Anne flipped SMART goals around to spell it backwards – TRAMS.

TRAMS for Anne was a more journey focused way to make goals, great for people who are more so a ‘goal getter’. Of course, both SMART and TRAMS can be used together, but will look at slightly different ideas to goals.

TRAMS focus’ more on questions such as:

Am I in the driver seat?
Am I on the right track?
Where am I going?
Am I on a timetable?
Who is coming?
Do I have a map?
Am I on track or going off?
Is anyone holding me back?
Am I going to jump off when it is hard or am I going to hold on?
Will I enjoy the journey and see the view?
Anne said that this acronym and way at looking and creating goals, “lit me up and seemed more passionate and real to me.”

So, what does TRAMS stand for?
T – Go towards a goal. For example, “I want to be fit and healthy”, in comparison to an away goal which in this instance might be, “I don’t want to be fat”
R – Relationships. Relationships ultimately starts with the relationship with yourself. It is so important to put yourself first and give yourself time to grow, as well as always speaking kind to yourself. Of course, the connections and relationships we make with others is also so beneficial to how we grow. We can’t do anything on our own. In anything that we want to do, if we can build community, it makes our tasks and goals easier. We can all rise together.
A – Attitude. If we don’t have the right attitude and if we don’t believe we can and aren’t convinced that we really want to do something – then it’s not going to happen.
M – Meaning and memories. Anne said, “If what we are aiming for isn’t meaningful, I am not going to do it.” And of course, creating memories in everything we do is what life is all about. At the end of the day, this is all we’ve got.
S – Stable and smile. Stay on the right, stable road and don’t get side-tracked. Throughout the journey to your goals, smiling is so important. “If we have joy in what we do, it really does make everything more fun and keeps you moving forward.”

This more journey-focused way of aiming for and looking at the goals you create for yourself throughout all facets of life come more so from the unconscious mind. Finding success doesn’t only require you to be specific and timed, but also to make sure there is passion, a positive attitude and solid relationships along the way to keep you stable and moving forward. You can be both a goal setter and a goal getter!

About Anne:

We had the pleasure of sitting down with the founder of 2MPower, Anne McKeown about all thing’s mindset, goal setting and positive thinking recently.

After working as a Sales Coach at BP Oil, Anne discovered that ultimately it was never about the product that made sales, but about the salesperson’s mindset. Her employees were successful when their beliefs and mindset were aligned and were overall, positive. This prompted Anne to find out more.

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