How to set health goals that are right for me and not generic

How to set health goals that are right for me and not generic

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Feb 15, 2022

Welcome to your AF Challenge Meal Plan!

The team at Thr1ve are so excited to be your nutritional partner throughout this journey.

So, without further ado, let’s set some goals!

Everybody is different biologically, leads different lifestyles, has different activity levels and importantly, at different stages of their health journey. When creating achievable goals, it is essential you take into consideration all these factors.

Typically, it’s good to set two types of goals for yourself. Firstly, consider what your end goal looks like and set an ambitious goal that can motivate you throughout your journey. In addition to this goal, set yourself smaller, staged goals which are usually achievable in 2 -3 months and provide attainable stepping stones to your overarching goal.

We find results are the most motivating experience. As such, reaching small, achievable goals can be one of the most motivating factors on your health journey as you can see the progress and regular improvements.

The first step in setting your goal is assessing your starting position both in terms of activity level, preferred activities, diet, eating habits, any health conditions, sleep levels, stress levels and any other health-related factors.

It’s good to write these down as it makes it more clear as to the areas you need the most improvement or will have the biggest impact on your life. Once you have done this then put a staged goal and more ambitious goal against each of these areas. It’s then good to prioritise what is most important to you and arrange these goals accordingly.

Once these goals have been set, it is great to measure them weekly and track your progress. The data available through wearable devices (such as an Apple Watch or Fitbit) or measurements can be very helpful in terms of tracking your progress and helping you make adjustments to your diet or activities based on the results you see. Additionally, it is extremely important to check in with yourself and see how you are feeling. For example;

  • Do I feel happy?
  • Am I more energised?
  • Do I feel less stressed?

If you are having trouble achieving a specific goal despite trying your best, then it is always good to get a second opinion from an expert which may be a dietician, personal trainer, health care professional etc.

A quick tip we at Thr1ve have found helpful is to practice keeping your goals displayed in an obvious place that you will always see daily (especially in the morning).

Remember, the key to achieving goals is to set them, monitor them and keep your routine to achieve them.

Good luck!

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