How to stay ho-ho-healthy

How to stay ho-ho-healthy

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Nov 19, 2019

When the holidays roll around, it’s all too common to see people let their fitness goals take the back seat and let the fun, food, gatherings (and more food!) take the front. And while prioritising family and relaxation is not a bad thing, we want to remind you that you can still enjoy the holidays without completely disregarding your health.

This Christmas, we’re gifting you our top tips in avoiding the holiday binge all together. It may be hard to believe, but it IS possible to stay healthy through the festive season and steer clear of the post-holiday guilt. All you need to do, is follow the below:

  1. Change your mindset. People are often way too ready to throw their goals to the side, telling themselves they’ll eat bad now and as soon as the holidays pass, they’ll get back to their fitness goals. However, this can be a slippery slope. The danger with having this mindset is that sometimes it can be really hard to find your way back. Our advice is to remind yourself that you have your goals for a reason. You’re of course allowed to enjoy your holiday feed, but also remember you can still try each different food without stacking a mountain on your plate or going back for seconds.
  2. Get outside. This could be a great opportunity to start a new family tradition. Countering the excess food with a bit of sunshine and exercise is a great way to keep healthy. It doesn’t need to be much, but could rather involve a short swim, a walk or some outdoor games.
  3. Set small active goals and think ahead. Consider what your schedule will be and plan exercise around it. Again, this doesn’t require a 2-hour gym set. If you have a party later on in the day, go for a light 30-minute run the morning before. Our clubs are open 24-7 which means whenever you have the time, we’ll be ready for you!
  4. Eat slower. And let your brain catch up to your stomach! Studies show that eating slow helps with digestion, weight loss and encourages greater satisfaction with meals.
  5. Choose your drinks wisely. Where you can avoid excess alcohol and soft drink you should. This doesn’t mean clearing it from your diet altogether (where’s the fun in that 😉). Instead, alternate your drinks with water or pick and choose which days you’re going to drink. It will help cut down both your calorie and sugar intake.

Our final, and most important tip is to have fun! Take the time to enjoy your holidays and celebrate all that you’ve achieved for the year. You deserve it.