Try these time-saving hacks for a healthier work-life balance

Try these time-saving hacks for a healthier work-life balance

Jenna Green

Health & Wellbeing

Mar 4, 2018

Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day?
Try these time-saving hacks for a healthier work-life balance.

Complete your morning checklist the night before: Whether your first stop is the gym or the office, save yourself some early morning mind fog by completing your checklist the night before. This means outfit – ready to go; bag – packed; keys, wallet and other essentials – in your bag; breakfast – know what you’re having and have it on standby.

Stretch on the go: Out of the gym as soon as the hard stuff’s sorted? If you’re skimping on your stretch sessions regularly, it’s going to have harmful impacts on your body in the long run. Try combining your stretch sessions with other post-workout activities, like squeezing in some stretches while you’re cooking your breakfast/ dinner, stretching it out on your elevator ride, or rolling out those aches and pains in front of the TV.

Make meal prep less of a hassle: We all know that prepping your meals can save you time during the week, but setting aside a chunk of time on your weekends for a cooking frenzy isn’t always so much fun either! It’s also not the greatest option if you prefer your meals fresh. Find a happy medium by prepping your meats and uncooked veg in advance. Measure your portions and store your food in air tight containers. This will make cooking during the week that whole lot easier and less of a time strain. It’s also a great option for marinating your meats in advance, giving your mid-week meals that extra boost of flavour!

Clear your inbox before you hit your desk: If you drive long distances for work, put that time to good use and tackle your inbox en route! There’s a few apps that make it possible to listen to your emails and even reply in audio. Sacrificing your daily in-car sing along sessions for some uninterrupted admin time can make your morning and afternoon schedule a lot more manageable, and can help you to get out the door earlier for a better work-life balance.

Smash out your sweat session: Exercise shouldn’t be another stressful to-do item on your already jam-packed schedule. During busy periods, opt for short and intense workouts over longer ones. HIIT workouts are great for getting the blood pumping and achieving a significant calorie burn in a shorter session.

Podcast and e-book away: Get your fix of entertainment while you do activities that don’t require a lot of concentration, like cooking or cleaning. This is also a great way to squeeze in some professional development or self-care education while you’re on the go!

Follow the ‘2-minute rule’: If you can do something (like replying to an email or completing a simple house chore) in 2 minutes, do it now. Planning for it later, remembering to do it, and then doing it in the future will take 5 minutes or more. Precious minutes that can certainly add up over time!

Make temptations hard to reach: Working on everything lends itself to getting nothing done. Set yourself blocks of time to concentrate on a specific task and remove obvious distractions i.e. your phone or your emails. Keep your phone in a separate room or disconnect from your emails for set periods. Concentrating your energy and focus will make a healthy work-life balance that whole lot more attainable!

Disconnect: Just because we’re living in a 24/7 connected world – doesn’t mean you need to be connected 24/7! Log out of your social media platforms and be mindful of your usage to save yourself pointless hours of scrolling.

Block you access to time-wasting sites: Sometimes our self-control needs a helping hand. Use an app to block websites that you spend the most time procrastinating on for a few hours – and feel your productivity skyrocket! There a few apps to choose from. Make the most of your working hours to save yourself from bringing work home with you.

Always partner your internet time with intent: It’s not just our working time that we need to be mindful of, before you catch yourself browsing pictures of your ex best-friend’s fiancé’s best friend’s wedding (we’re all guilty of it), set yourself one basic rule – never go online without a plan for what you’re doing there (unless you’re actively looking to waste time that is!) and save yourself the guilt of wasting your time later. Intention can be anything from 20-minutes on Facebook to 5-minutes searching for what you’re having for dinner. Browse with intent!

Condense your to-do list: Having 20+ post it notes scattered across your desk isn’t the most efficient way to manage your time. Condense your to-do list by keeping it in one central place (your notebook or your calendar) and prioritise your to-do’s while you make them. Bullet journaling is a style of task listing that will see you storing your work tasks, personal schedule and day-to-day notes in one place. It might sound like a logistical nightmare but give it a try, seriously! It might just be the work-life balance miracle you’ve been searching for!