How to minimise the damage from your weekend splurge

How to minimise the damage from your weekend splurge

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Aug 6, 2019

When the weekend hits and it’s time for some fun, you may start to see yourself sliding down a slippery slope away from your dedicated health routine. Throughout the week, it’s easy to be committed to a strict schedule consisting of work, exercise, healthy home-cooked meals and a good night’s sleep. Then, you suddenly arrive at Friday night and for the next 48 hours you’re tempted by movies, brunch, drinks out with friends and Uber Eats. We’ve all been there, and of course weekends are for fun, but it’s important to note that continuously straying from habits you’ve set in place can be dangerous territory. To help you enjoy your weekend without losing sight of your health goals, we’ve come up with 5 easy-to-follow tips and tricks.

  1. Kickstart your weekend with a bit of exercise – No, we don’t mean you need to commit to a two hour gym set on a Friday night. Instead, when you get home from work, jump into a quick 20-min HIIT workout or a 30-min run. This will give you a boost of fitness momentum to set the tone for the remainder of your weekend.
  2. Have a plan – Forecast your weekend schedule and establish when you will have the opportunity to hit the gym or fill your body with those nutrient-packed meals. If you know you’re going out for dinner on Saturday night, try eating in on Friday and cook a meal filled with veggies and protein. It’s all about moderation!
  3. Get your order right – This tip applies to both food and drink. Make those tiny adjustments when ordering to keep your meal healthy without sacrificing taste. This could be something as little as asking them to hold the ice cream on your pancakes or subbing in a side of fresh fruit for dessert syrups. Studies have also shown that those who make small tweaks to their diet, rather than radical changes, have an easier time sticking to them.[1]
  4. Allow yourself to cheat – but just once! Treating yourself to one really indulgent meal, dessert or drink can be a productive thing. For one, it eliminates the guessing game around which guilty pleasures you’re allowed to have during the week. Secondly, waiting numerous days to tuck in to your favs is so rewarding – it actually feels like you deserve it! Make sure you really take time to appreciate the treat to its fullest when it comes around, as this will help you maintain your discipline for the rest of the week.
  5. Get outside and get moving – Being social on the weekend doesn’t have to mean no exercise. Get a group of friends together and head down to the park for either a walk or some outdoor games. It’s a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon and means you can enjoy that vital hit of Vitamin D before returning to the office for the next five days.

So there you have it, some quick and easy adjustments to help keep your wellness on track through the weekend. It’s important to remember why you set yourself those goals in the beginning and use those original motivators to keep progressing. Sticking to your routines and healthy habits isn’t always easy – but those who tackle it with discipline reap the biggest rewards.