Sesame & shitake mushroom soba noodles

A refreshing mushroom salad with Asian flavours & the crispy superfood goodness of kale! This recipe is vegetarian, low in fat and saturated fat, and provides good amounts of fibre and antioxidants. NOODLES 270 g packet soba noodles 3 teaspoons…


20 snacks under 100 calories

 Simple Snacks under 100 Calories Don’t have a lot of time but in need of a hunger fix? Here are some terrific go-tos all under 100 calories. One boiled egg – 70 calories 20 pistachios – 80 calories Two cups of air popped popcorn…


5 reasons to do more LISS

The thought of burning body fat tends to paint an immediate picture of heavy panting, severe sweating and let’s face it –  a certain degree of pain. The good kind of course! But forget everything you thought you knew about…


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