Dec 21, 2017

Enjoy a hair free summer (advertorial)

Ahh Summer… adventures in the great outdoors, impromptu drinks after work, and days spent lazing away at the beach. You’ve been working hard all year to get into shape, now it’s time to reveal some skin. But if you use waxing or laser then you’ll know that sometimes you can get caught out between visits. The quickest, cheapest and most pain-free way to remove hair is by shaving. BIC Soleil believes every woman should feel confident in their own skin and not let anything stand in their way when it comes to enjoying life’s moments. Read on for some tips and tricks to ensuring a hair free summer, so you’re Always Ready for where life takes you…

The Perfect Shave begins with Perfect Preparation

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Before you shave, you should exfoliate your skin with a glove or gel to remove any dead cells, this will reduce irritation and in-grown hairs. Repeat this several times a week to make your skin softer.

Before shaving any part of your body make sure to have perfectly clean skin, this helps reduce infections or bumps. Apply hot water, or shave during or after a shower. Warm humidity increases skin elasticity and softens hair – making them easier to shave. This way you also prolong the life of your blades.

Make sure you prepare your skin with specially formulated shaving cream or gel. With a shaving gel, the shaver glides more easily over your skin, thus avoiding skin irritations.

Different body parts require different attention

The general rule of thumb to follow is quite simple. Shave with the direction of the hair, and only go against when necessary. Choose a BIC® Soleil® razor with three blades to provide you an efficient and closer shave for a silky-smooth skin. A pivoting head will follow the curvy areas of your legs (ankles, knees) while a non-slip handle will stay firmly in your hand allowing maximum control even when you shave under the shower.

Armpits are a special skin area and they deserve your gentle care. First, raise your arm to get a flat surface. Like in other parts of the body, you must use warm water and shaving gel and shave with the direction of the hair. For the finishing touch, you can shave diagonally to remove all the small hair. And don’t forget to wait a few minutes before you apply antiperspirant or deodorant!

For your bikini: Make sure you hold your skin taut to prevent red razor bumps and itches.

After shave – it isn’t just a man-thing

Remember that your skin is at its most sensitive immediately after the shave, so dry your skin by gently ‘patting’ it with a soft towel. Rubbing will cause friction and will make the area hot and more sensitive. Shaving removes the dead cells on the top of your skin. The final touches: apply a soothing moisturiser to the area.

When is the best time to shave?

Shaving can sometimes make the skin feel taut. Shave in the evening so your skin soothes during the night. You may find that sea water – or indeed the swimming pool – irritates your skin right after a shave, so make sure to leave a time gap before you go for a swim.

Can I shave on top of a sunburn?
Firstly, you should never, ever get sunburnt so apply your sunscreen carefully and reapply it as often as necessary. But accidents can happen and if you ever get red skin, the last thing you will want is to irritate it even move. So be gentle to yourself, soothe your skin with a hydration cream and wait before you tamper with it again. You can go with a day or two of hair growth – after all, you won’t want to bare your legs in the sun for a while.

Do shaving and self-tanning go together?
The answer is yes, but in that order! First of all, you have to wash and exfoliate before you shave carefully. You can then apply your self-tan lotion thoroughly, with a glove if necessary to get as close to a beauty salon result as possible. Remember: your skin has to be smooth for your self-tanner to be efficient, so start exfoliating days in advance. And you should really moisturise every day, but you already know that, right?

Caring for your razor
Make sure you store your razor in a safe place as it could fall in the wrong hands. Don’t leave your razor lying on the edge of the bath as it might get damaged by stagnant water. After shaving, rinse with hot water to remove all hair and cream. Do not tap it and avoid wiping it with a towel; let it dry naturally.

How do I know when I need to change my razor?
The duller the blade, the more irritated your skin may become. Regularly change your razor, especially if you have sensitive skin. You can use the same razor several times: just clean it and dry it properly between uses. You know it’s time to change when you need to apply more pressure on your razor to get a nice close shave.

BIC® Soleil® provides women around the world with high quality, reliable and affordable disposable razors. We have created ergonomically designed bright and colourful handles that fit perfectly in your hand to achieve smooth skin. It’s the convenient, affordable hair removal option, so you don’t get caught out. BIC Soleil is for all women – not just models – who we believe deserve to feel confident in their own skin.