Nov 8, 2016

Shannan’s Monthly Blog – November

Oh how the hand of time has swung! For me, now, being healthy, fit and WELL is so much more than having a perfect six pack…..It’s got nothing to do with the fact that my ultimate physical performance has long since passed and like my hair line, will never return to its former glory. Nor does it have anything to do with the demands of two young kids, work and a definite love of a nightly beer or two….

So before anyone rips off their shirts and starts strutting the beach this summer, I want to chat about the importance of being well. Wellness is the combination of a sound body (fitness training), sound mind (challenging yourself, achieving goals, being pro-active, being stimulated) and your soul, ‘what you feel’ (relationships, self-worth, the way you handle yourself, respect, honesty, integrity). So many of us have one or two covered but another lacking. Unfortunately that ‘lacking one’ will impact heavily on everything!

So in conjunction with your home spring clean, it’s time to do a little introspective sprucing up. Not of the physical kind and Spring is the perfect time.

Here’s some cool ways to fire up your soul.

FUN: I don’t mean something just pleasurable or comfortable I mean freaking FUN! The kind that gives you tingles in your fingers! The majority of adults I work with don’t actually know what they CURRENTLY do for fun! What do you do for fun?

JUMP FOR JOY: When was the last time you literally jumped for joy? Not a too-cool-for-school ‘yeah’ or self-congratulatory pat on the back, but when you were actually so involved in what you were doing you got two feet off the ground and jumped up from a place of pure joy and passion? Was it when your team won? When your child scored a goal? When your kids aced the ballet recital?

When you got married? Jumping for joy means you’re tapped into life, living in the moment, charging. So get JUMPING

BOOST ENERGY, CONNECT: Spring is the season of birth, growth and warmth. There’s enough of Mother Nature’s energy charging around to bring the beaches to life! You just need to be ready to harness it! You need to connect, say ‘Hi’, smile at someone, take a moment to observe a beautiful sunrise and absorb it’s energy. You won’t find it talking to ‘virtual friends’ on social media. Trust me this, “hearing a friend laugh out loud, is nothing like reading LOL”

Even if you think you’re ‘not much of a jumper’ have a go, step outside your comfort zone  and let Spring fire you up!