Oct 24, 2017

Want to get up to $400 cash back for working out? (advertorial)

New health insurance fund, myOwn health insurance, wants to shake things up and it could mean big savings for you as an Anytime Fitness member.

Not only does myOwn offer a great range of hospital and extras covers (including being able to claim up to 70% back from any recognised provider on its top level of cover) but what makes it different is that it also comes with membership to AIA Vitality. AIA Vitality is a personalised, scientifically-backed program that supports you every day to make healthier lifestyle choices. It shows you how healthy you are now, provides the tools to start improving your health right away, and offers amazing rewards to keep you motivated along your journey.

When AIA Vitality members work out at an Anytime Fitness gym not only do they earn AIA Vitality points to earn weekly rewards and contribute to their overall status – but if they work out on 24 separate days per quarter (approximately three times per week) they get a $100 cashback – they can earn one cashback each quarter, which means up to $400 cashback per year!

To join or switch to myOwn health insurance with AIA Vitality for the chance to get these great benefits, go to or call 1300 300 338 today.