7 Tips to stop finding yourself at the fridge

7 Tips to stop finding yourself at the fridge

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Jan 8, 2021

The fridge being just a few steps away from where you are working, playing with the kids or watching TV at home can be extremely tempting. But we promise, no other food has appeared since you last checked 20 minutes ago! Here are some of our top tips on how to reduce those urges to snack and keep you in control – not the fridge!

Keep mealtimes the same

Just because now, you may be able to have a slower morning or more time to cook dinner make sure the times you eat remain as close as possible each and every day. Messing with your schedule can move around your hunger cues. If you end up moving times around dramatically weekly or daily your body may not react well to the switch, causing you to snack on naughty things your body just doesn’t need.

Don’t give yourself the opportunity to snack on the not-so-good stuff

And what is the best way to do that? Simple. Don’t buy them! As much as we love enjoying a row of choc or a wine every now and then, having four different biscuits, a few flavours of chips and some ice cream ready to be demolished is surely just going to lead to disaster, right? When you go shopping ENSURE you go with a list, and that you actually stick to the list. And of course, don’t go shopping when you are hungry! 

Have the good stuff ready

If you absolutely need to snack and are a person who loves to munch on something as they work or watch TV, make it something that bit more nutritious and filling. This could be some veggie sticks & hummus, nuts and berries, broth or miso soup. You could prep up some delicious goodies such as protein balls, frittatas or plenty of other easy to grab and nutritious snacks! 

Avoid productive activities/working near the kitchen

Of course, for some people, the kitchen bench or dining table is the only option when it comes to a viable option with enough room to set up! But if you can avoid it, set up your space to work or be productive in a separate area. If you can see the fridge from where you are sitting the likelihood of you checking it for the fifth time can be tempting! Maybe head to the study, spare bedroom or even the balcony?

Are you thirsty?

It might just be us, but it is definitely so much easier to forget to drink enough water each day when at home! Often this could be because you aren’t packing your bag, including your water bottle each day. Ensure wherever you are in the house, that you have a big glass of water or bottle with you at all times. Think laptop, pen and paper AND water bottle. Water is a hunger crusher and all-round one of the most important things you can do for your health! Tea is a great option to get water in, as well as providing you with some awesome health benefits. We also love Water Infusions to spice it up and make water taste amazing.

Plan and prep your lunch

Meal planning and prepping is always a great idea, similarly, to planning on what you are going to take to work for lunch! It means you don’t even have to think about what you are going to have and ensures that your mind can’t trail off to other options. No – you cannot order Uber Eats again and waste what is already ready to go in the fridge! It is also great to have a meal set and ready to go that you love for something to look forward to, to get you through the morning!

Get moving!

Don’t sit still all day just because you are at home. This is often a reason we get up and go to the kitchen – because we get fidgety. So yes, move around your house, but do it with a purpose (and don’t head to the kitchen). Maybe do some walking lunges across your living room, walk around the block a few times a day, or do some star jumps! The options are endless and getting active is always a great idea, for more reasons than just avoiding the kitchen.