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Jul 20, 2021

When it comes to placing a focus on your weight loss and health goals, often it is thought that the automatic answer to reach those goals is to just eat less and less. We are here to debunk that idea. In actual fact, making smarter choices and finding effective and delicious low-calorie swaps when it comes to saving energy can often be the answer! Check out some of our favourite low-calorie swaps below thanks to our fabulous professionals, Nutritionist, Kirsten and Fitness & Exercise Expert, Vanessa.

Swap 2 slices of wholemeal bread (200 calories) for:

  • Sandwich thins (100 calories per serve)
  • Cruskits (42 calories per serve)
  • Corn thins (69 calories per serve)

Swap a large wrap (over 200 calories) for:

  • Mountain bread (71 calories per wrap)
  • Mission low-carb wraps (131 calories per wrap)
  • Lettuce cups (2 calories per leaf)

Meal Staples

  • Swap basmati rice (184 calories per serve) for Cauliflower Rice (35 calories per serve)
  • Swap sour cream (165 calories per 50g) for Greek yoghurt (65 calories per 50g)
  • Swap mashed potato (82 calories per 100 g) for Pumpkin Mash (37 calories per 100g)
  • Swap pasta (115 calories per 40g) for Edamame Pasta (57 calories per 50g) or Zucchini Noodles (22 calories per 125g)

On top of this, looking at the cooking method of plenty of foods cuts the calories. For example, crumbed fish is generally about 295 calories, compared to frozen steamed fish which comes in at approximately 150 calories.


  • Swap potato chips (150 calories per 25g) for Vege Chips (92 calories per 20g) or Sea Salt Popcorn (94 calories per 20g)
  • Swap vanilla ice cream (208 calories per 100g) for Chobani Vanilla Yoghurt (60 calories per 100g)
  • Swap Classic Magnum (248 calories) for a Chocolate Paddle Pop (80 calories)
  • Swap Milo (80 calories) for Jarrah Hot Choc (46 calories) or Avalanche Hot Choc (8 calories)


  • Cold tea infusions or sweet teas are a great sweet option and little to no calories.
  • Swap soft drink for Sugar-Free Kombucha (5 calories per 250ml) or Low-Sugar Cranberry Juice (10 calories)
  • Swap full cream milk (160 calories per cup) for almond milk (40 calories per cup)


It really is incredible how many simple, day-to-day staple foods you can swap out to save plenty of calories every day. Kirsten emphasised, “Even if something is low calorie, always ensure you take a look at the ingredients, ensuring the additives, colours and preservatives aren’t too high.”