How to stop sugar cravings

How to stop sugar cravings

Hallie Criste

Nutrition & Recipes

Mar 20, 2019

While many of us may feel like we’re cursed with an unsatisfiable sweet tooth, it’s important to remember that our bodies can be trained to crave healthier options. Constantly subjecting to sugar temptations is a dangerous path as the only way to beat the post-sugar slump is more sugar! We want to help you learn how to stop, or at least avoid, sugar cravings so you can fill your tank with healthier, long-term fuel. Here are 8 tips to kick your sugar cravings to the curb!

1. Move away and delay – Right when the craving hits and your eye-to-eye with that deliciously tempting caramel slice, we suggest you physically get up and change your scenery. Additionally, cravings hit hard and fast, but they can also disappear as quickly as they come. Try waiting 20 minutes and then see if you still want it.
2. Replace sugar with sweet – Many fruits are naturally sweet and simultaneously provide your body with vitamins and minerals. If you’ve had a big savoury meal and are now in the mood for a treat to cleanse the pallet, go for some berries or a bit of apple and cheese.
3. Eat regularly – Providing your body with consistent fuel helps maintain stable blood-sugar levels [1] and prevents compulsive eating. In other words, you won’t feel like you’ve lost control or need to consume whatever food is in sight.
4. Cut it out completely – Some people prefer to go cold turkey and remove sugars and sweets entirely. The first couple days of this can be hard but we promise it gets easier! Eventually your body will adjust and crave more of the good stuff and less of the bad.
5. Reduce gradually – You must be realistic and measurable with your goals. Rather than momentarily weighing up how much sugar you’ve had and how much you are still permitted, try setting up a schedule where you can see a tangible amount of how much you should be giving up each day. It will help you avoid those ‘weak’ moments.
6. Mix and match – Rather than sugar as the centre-point of your snack, i.e. a box of chocolate, try and combine it with other foods so that only part of it is sweet. For example, mix chocolate and nuts, or ice cream and fresh fruit.
7. Succumb every so often (moderation is key!) – Remember that you’re only human and are allowed cheat treats. Stumbling on your journey to cut down does not mean you need to fall completely off the wagon! However, if you’re going to give in to the craving, try to make it a smaller portion.
8. Try eating foods that specifically help reduce sugar cravings – There are certain foods that specifically help you fight sugar cravings. Try incorporating these into your diet – fruit, berries, dark chocolate, snack bars, chia seeds, yogurt, dates or gum [2].

At the end of the day you must remember that while the craving can be strong, you are stronger!