17 Low Calorie Filling Snacks

17 Low Calorie Filling Snacks

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Oct 29, 2022

Feeling snacky? We are excited to bring you some of the best low calorie filling snacks that are sure to help curb the feelings that come with craving a snack.

Whether it’s to curb a craving, for an extra hit of energy or some bonus daily vitamins discover some of your new favourite low calorie foods that are sure to fill you up.

What are the benefits of low calorie filling snacks?

Snacking can be a great way to keep you full between meals and with our options keep the calorie levels low. This can assist with weight loss or just general wellbeing to ensure you are not consuming more calories than your body requires.

We have simple snacks, sweet snacks, savoury snacks and more substantial snacks to keep you going all day long. Our list includes low fat snack, low calorie snacks that are sure to make you feel fuller and low calorie snacks that are great for weight loss.

We are confident that our list of low calorie but filling snacks contains something for everyone whether you are looking for more fibre, protein or fat we are sure to have something to keep your taste buds satisfied.

Simple low calorie filling snacks

Don’t have a lot of time but need something that can help fix your hunger? We have some terrific go to low calorie snacks that will help get rid of those cravings and keep you feeling full no matter what time of the day. Plus they are all under 100 calories!

One boiled egg

70 Calories
One large egg is perfect for satisfying hunger and is such a simple snack to prepare. Not only is it just 70 calories one egg is likely to pack up to six grams of protein. There is also research that shows eggs can have a positive impact on your calorie intake (1) throughout the day as well.

Boiled Eggs


80 Calories
Nuts are a great snack to ensure you are feeling full as long as they are consumed in moderation. You can have 20 pistachios and get the added bonus of the protein and healthy fats associated with these nuts. Pistachios are full of many great antioxidant and can form a great anti-inflammatory (2).


Air popped popcorn

60 calories
Just two cups of air popped popcorn is a great snack for weight loss because it is low in calories, but also provides a great source of fibre. So what are you waiting for get popping! And leave out some of the more non desirable ingredients such as oils making it a great low fat snack.



98 calories
Almonds are a simple low calorie snack with just 14 almonds remaining under the 100 calorie mark. Moderation is the key when eating nuts, but almonds are a great source of protein and healthy fats and have been proven to lower cholesterol levels (3).


Tuna in spring water

81 calories
The last of our low calorie foods that will fill you up when searching for a snack is tuna in springwater. Don’t forget to add this tasty treat to your list when you are next looking for the best low calorie snacks.

Tuna in spring water

Sweet low calorie filling snacks

Just because you are looking to consume less calories, it doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a sweat treat! These low calorie tweets are perfect if you have a sweet tooth, or if you have flown through a day with some calories left for desert.

Baked apple with cinnamon

95 calories
Simply slice up some apples, place them on a baking dish, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg and bake for 30 minutes. You’ll end up with a delicious sweet treat!

Baked apple with cinnamon


90 calories (two cups)
At over 90 per cent water this fruit offers tons of hydration, as well as helping hit the sugar craving without overdoing the calories.


Dark Chocolate

77 calories (three squares)
A small serving of dark chocolate can really hit that craving when trying to keep the calories low. Dark chocolate is also loaded by energy boosting nutrients including magnesium and iron.

Dark Chocolate


80 calories
Not only are strawberries juicy and delicious but they are packed full of many great health benefits so are a great addition to our low calorie filling snacks list. Loaded with antioxidants these berries are great at promoting good health and also a must for disease prevention.


Celery with Peanut Butter

68 calories (2 tsp of peanut butter)
A low calorie snack that is crunchy but brings some sweetness and with just two teaspoons of peanut butter you can keep this one well below the 100 calories. Celery is one of the lowest calorie foods to snack on.

Celery with Peanut Butter

Savoury low calorie filling snacks

Not a sweet tooth and looking for a savoury option? We have plenty of snacks to fill you up that are great savoury options as well! These options showcase that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to filling snacks.

Two slices of crispbread with vegemite

92 calories
Get some crispbread then spread ½ teaspoon of butter and ½ teaspoon of vegemite on them for a filling low calorie snack.

Avocado with cherry tomatoes

98 calories
Smash ¼ of a medium avocado and halve five cherry tomatoes for some savoury goodness. This fresh snack will curb any hunger cravings and provide you some great nutritional benefits.

Rice thin with tomato and parmesan cheese

53 calories
Slice up a medium tomato and grab 1 tbsp of parmesan cheese. Then put it on top of some rice or corn thins to enjoy this crispy yet fresh snack. Rice thins are among the lowest calorie foods to snack on.

Carrot and Celery Sticks

70 calories
As easy as it gets and perfect on a hot summer day. Cut up two cups of carrot and celery into sticks and snack to your heart’s desire with two cups coming in at just 70 calories!

Carrot and Celery Sticks

Miso Soup

35 calories
This favourite warm dish is a great filling snack during the cooler winter months. Just one cup of miso soup contains around 35 calories.

Miso Soup

Just two more options… we couldn’t resist!

One glass of red or white wine

Just one glass of red or white wine is likely to contain between 95 and 100 calories. It is important to enjoy a drink in moderation to reward yourself for all your hard work.

One vodka soda

Vodka is one of the lowest calorie alcohol options and mixed with soda water and some lime will come in at just 95 calories per drink. As always make sure you enjoy in moderation.

Are low calorie snacks good for weight loss?

There are many reasons people choose to count the calories they are consuming and this can include to lose weight. It is important to note though that eating a wide variety of nutritious foods paired with an active lifestyle is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

There are plenty of great healthy snacks out there along with those listed above including chia seeds, nut butter, almond butter, baby carrots or some greek yogurt.

Eating foods that are high in protein and fiber rich can help prevent cravings and decrease hunger and these low calorie snacks provide both of those.

Whatever your wellness goal we believe our gyms are for any body with any goal at any time.

Food and mental health – healthy relationship to food.

Food can have an extremely beneficial impact upon your mental health and a healthy diet with a range of nutritious foods can have an impact. Some of our low calorie snacks are sure to fill you up and have you feeling great mentally.

Continuing to eat a diet with a range of nutritious foods is likely to improve your overall health and wellbeing beyond just how you feel physically.

This article was originally published by SuperfastDiet. It was updated on 28/10/22.