Simplify complexity and confusion – easy tips to follow

Simplify complexity and confusion – easy tips to follow

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Feb 22, 2022

Health is not a ‘one size fits all’ which is why nutrition and advice on eating a healthy diet can be confusing. An individual’s diet can vary greatly based on goals, lifestyle and preferences. 

It’s good to try and simplify this very complex matter down to a few simple tips and tricks to eating healthy:

  • Eat Quality Ingredients  – The quality of the foods you eat is the most important decision you can make for your health. When in doubt, aim for whole foods. Whole foods are non-refined foods that haven’t been processed or have any artificial additives. Try and avoid processed foods when possible.
  • Eat the right amount to suit your lifestyle – Understand how many calories per day you burn, to know how much you should be eating. For example, if you are exercising or participating in strenuous activities, you must eat more to ensure your body can function. If you get your calorie levels right you will generally see about 50% more benefit from your diet. 
  • Understand your macros – Eat the right amount of complex carbs, proteins and fats to give your body the optimum fuel source. Carbs are great for immediate energy, proteins are great for muscle growth, good fats are great for slow-burn energy and brain function. 
  • Get appropriate nutrients and fibre from your diet – Try and consume a diverse source of vitamins and minerals in your diet to aid your body’s primary functions. You can also increase your fibre intake from whole vegetables, legumes, & grains to support your digestive system.

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