Do you know what type of training works best for you? (advertorial)

Do you know what type of training works best for you? (advertorial)

Anytime Fitness Australia


Dec 1, 2017

When it comes to taking control of your fitness, knowledge is power. Sedentary lifestyles result in poor fitness levels with negative health consequences, but, how active do you need to be to reap the rewards of an active lifestyle? How do you know what types of training suits you the best and can help you achieve your fitness goals?

Body composition is a measurement of your body fat and muscle mass percentage. This information is much more relevant than simply weighing yourself. And by seeing your body composition trends over time, you will be able to find out how your exercise routine is really impacting your body, and whether the type of training you are doing is working for you.

Your heart rate is another great indicator of how fit you are. Naturally, the fitter you are, the harder you have to work to make a difference, so by training with your heart rate, you know if you are challenging yourself enough to get the results you need. This is particularly important if you are doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT). With real time heart rate, you know if you are hitting the mark during the peak of your training, and whether you are recovering quick enough before the next set.

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