Did you know sweat aggravates itch & flakes?

Did you know sweat aggravates itch & flakes?

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Mar 13, 2019

We sweat all year round of course, but it tends to be heavier when you’re out in the sun or work out regularly. Heat and sweat are not good for the scalp, either. They create the perfect warm, moist environment for microbes on your scalp to thrive.

If you have flakes, that’s an issue as it’s these microbes that cause irritation as they breakdown oils on your scalp into potentially irritating substances. It’s very common too – almost 75% of people in the world suffer from an itchy scalp.

What’s behind an itchy scalp?

Itching is a common response to irritation. When you skin becomes irritated, it sends signals to your brain that you need to scratch the affected area. As soon as its irritated, you get the urge to scratch. That’s where dandruff can be the culprit! Dandruff is caused when a microbe on your scalp breaks down natural oils. The by-product is oleic acid, and 1 in 2 people are sensitive to it. Remember to resist the urge to scratch, as this can damage the scalp even more and make the problem worse.

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Argan oil has long been in use in Morocco for food and cosmetic purposes. Derived from the native argan tree, this oil is finding its way into the haircare industry.

Argan oil used correctly will help strengthen your hair by moisturising and smoothing your hair and scalp. This leaves you with hair that is not only far less prone to breakage, but looks smoother and softer as well. For greater hair and scalp care, use a product from the Head & Shoulders Supreme range – something you can slot effortlessly into your everyday routine. Head & Shoulders Supreme Moisture, Smooth and Colour Care are all formulated with Argan oil. So, you’ve got the tools to nourish and feed your hair during and after your wash. And, like all Head & Shoulders products, the Supreme range is designed to fight the cause and symptoms of flakes, so truly the compromise is finally over, you can have both!

*no visible flakes with regular use