20 minute jump rope workout you can do anywhere

20 minute jump rope workout you can do anywhere

Anytime Fitness Australia


Nov 26, 2018

This time of year sees many of us packing our suitcases and hitting the road for a much-needed break. However, limited gym access doesn’t necessarily mean you need to forgo a good sweat session. That’s where the trusty skipping rope comes in – it’s travel-friendly, makes for a great companion when you’re strapped for space (or time!) and is suitable for absolutely everyone.

Skipping is one of the best HIIT conditioning and endurance workouts around as it’s known to burn up to 1300 calories/hr and will be sure to tone and develop your leg muscles whilst simultaneously working your arms and abs.

Note: Because skipping is a HIIT workout, it’s important to remember to do a proper warm-up and stretch before exercising. Also – when skipping, keep shoulders relaxed with elbows as close to your sides as possible.

Complete 4 sets of this circuit. Rest for 10 seconds between each exercise.

  1. Double leg skips – 30 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds
  2. Body weight squat jumps/step over – 30 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds
  3. Right leg hops – 30 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds
  4. Overhead with rope walking lunges – 30 seconds
    Rest 10 seonds
  5. Left leg hops – 30 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds
  6. Lateral burpees over rope – 30 seconds
    Rest 10 seconds

Exercise instructions: 

Double leg skips:
– Jump with both feet 2-3 inches off the floor and let the rope pass under your feet
– Speed up for a harder workout

Body weight squat jumps/step over:
– Lay the rope on the ground
– Start with both feet on one side of the rope
– Swing arms back and bend at the knees and hips (squat) then side jump over the rope
– Land with both feet in a deep squat and repeat
– For an easier workout, remove the squat and step over the rope with a little jump

Right leg hop:
– Lift right leg bending at the knee
– Jump with the rope on the right leg
– Speed up for a harder workout

Overhead with rope walking lunges:
– Grab the skipping rope with hands wider than shoulder width apart and lift overhead
– Start with feet shoulder width apart
– Step forward with one leg, bend the back knee until it nearly touches the ground
– Keep chest up and shoulders relaxed
– Drive heel through the front foot and straighten both knees to raise back up
– Step forward with back leg and repeat

Left leg hop:
– Lift left leg bending at the knee
– Jump with the rope on right leg
– Speed up for a harder workout

Lateral burpees over rope:
– Place skipping rope straight on the ground
– Stand with feet together to the side of the skipping rope
– Bend at the knees and waist and place hands on the ground
– Kick or step feet out into a push-up position and bring the feet back
– Stand
– Jump over the rope
– Repeat

By Adriana Kalidis, National Fitness Coordinator, Anytime Fitness
Adriana brings over 15 years of experience to the fitness industry gained as both a personal trainer and manager specialising in rehabilitation, functional training and Olympic lifting. She is passionate about moving with purpose and has a background in martial arts and adventure sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing and trekking. Adriana is always looking for the next thrill to satisfy her hunger for adventure!