The Optimal Time of Day to Work Out

The Optimal Time of Day to Work Out

Anytime Fitness Australia


Sep 27, 2017

As the days get warmer, we find ourselves more motivated than ever to earn that body we may have neglected in the winter. Feeling like summer is suddenly too close for comfort? Don’t panic! Let’s see what time of the day will make your training most efficient.

Want to lose weight or sleep better? Start early!

Training early in the morning is good for weight loss goals. Firstly, the body is training in a fasted state, meaning the workout is fueled by energy stores rather than energy intake from the day – hello fat burning! People who train early in the morning also tend to be more consistent with their training routine. We’ve all been guilty of letting the whirlwind of the day get on top of us and allowing our training session to fall further down – and eventually off – the list of priorities. Yes, waking up early can be tough, but training first thing means not letting the noise of the day take over. Early morning trainers are also more likely to stick to their nutrition goals. Starting the day in a healthy way drives better nutritional choices first thing, and in turn better health decisions throughout the day. They feel more motivated and energised, meaning they are more likely to move around throughout the day so calorie burning will be boosted.

Focused on strength training? Schedule your workout later

If you want to work on your strength, training later in the day is advantageous. The workout will be fuelled from meals during the day, giving you the strength to lift more. Lungs are at their best capacity, therefore boosting endurance capacity. In the evening, testosterone is also more responsive in both men and women, allowing the optimal time for muscle response and growth. The body is more flexible and mobile as body temperature is peaking, and heart rate and blood pressure are at their lowest, meaning improved muscular strength and performance, and reduced chance of injury.

Trouble sleeping? Adjust your training schedule

If you have trouble sleeping, evening training may not be the best option for you. After you train, your energy levels are boosted dramatically – your mood improves, endorphins are running and your brain is all fired up. If you do experience this, use your evenings to meditate or wind down, and try a morning workout to encourage a good night’s rest!

Need workout inspiration?

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