The ultimate ab workout

The ultimate ab workout

Anytime Fitness Australia


Jan 6, 2020

Often times, when people consider their ab strength, they will measure it by aesthetic appearance, AKA, the elusive ‘6-pack.’ For some it may come easy, but for others obtaining a 6-pack may feel like an impossible task. We want to remind you that ab strength is not calculated by what you can see. But rather, is achieved by targeting each individual area to create a well-rounded, strong core.

Creating a strong core hosts many benefits and is crucial for keeping the body safe. When exercising, a weak core can lead to less endurance, more fatigue and an increased risk of injury. In regard to our everyday lifestyle and the increasing sedentary habits, a weak core can result in poor posture and lower back pain.

There are many core or ‘ab’ exercises we can do to increase strength. However, it’s vital to ensure we don’t only select linear or ‘sagittal’ varieties (e.g. crunches). When using the term 6-pack, we are technically referring to the Rectus Abdominis muscle, or the muscles that run vertically down the abdomen. However, our obliques are equally as important to develop.

If you want to target each ab area to create a strong core, try adding these exercises to your current fitness regime.

Start with a light weight and do 3 sets consisting of 8-12 reps. Increase weight and sets as necessary.

Uni windmill

Dead Bug

Swiss Ball Roll Out

Superman Tuck

Front Bridge to T

If you’re set on achieving a visible ‘6-pack,’ it’s important to note that nutrition will also play a huge part. Visceral fat (the fat around our mid-section) is more dangerous to our health than other fat as it surrounds our internal organs. Reducing this visceral fat by good nutrition will not only reduce a number of serious health risks but will also allow our abs to be more visible.