Why training with music can amplify your workouts

Why training with music can amplify your workouts

Anytime Fitness Australia


Feb 5, 2018

ATTENTION ALL MUSOS: the jury is out and we have some good news! Listening to music while working out isn’t just a good excuse to break it down to your favourite tracks (in between sets of course) – evidence actually shows that tuning in (while grinding it out) is beneficial for getting you training at your optimal level. Meaning? There’s never been a better reason than ever to crank the beats and sweat it out!

Music can help up your effort!

In a 2010 study, introducing music resulted in participants cycling 1–1.25 km/h faster than they did for the remainder of the ride1. Another study found that cyclists worked harder when listening to fast-paced tracks2. And it’s not just cyclists that are upping the ante with their music – and consequently – their workouts. A similar study found that people who walked while listening to fast audio cues (like music with a quick tempo) increased their speed by 16%3.

Long story short – if you’re seeking some sweet motivation for your workouts – not just any music will do! Opt for songs with a fast tempo to give your workouts a hard-hitting energy boost.

It might event distract you from the pain

Research shows that when it comes to conquering a physical challenge, music is a distraction of the good kind. By bringing our attention away from the physical pain (incline runs anyone), we’re more likely to exert ourselves to greater lengths and enjoy ourselves while we’re at it!4 This welcomed distraction can not only increase the pleasure of our workout, it might even improve our endurance as well5.

It can get you in the zone

Got a go-to song that gets you “in the zone”? You’re not alone! And there’s science behind why these one-track motivators actually work. According to research7 (we’ll avoid the technical details), we associate certain songs with memories, often relating to the context in which we originally heard them. Revisiting that memory — or even just the emotion of the singer — can boost the motivational power of the song and improve physical performance.

And sooth the soul post-workout 

Welcome your favourite ‘chill out’ playlist! Music has an important role to play at various stages of a workout, so don’t press pause just because the hard work is over. Listening to slow-paced music post-workout has been shown to decrease recovery time. It also has a greater relaxation effect than fast melodies or no music at all6. We shouldn’t need to say it twice – do yourself a favour and take some time to stretch it out with some smooth music for the soul.  

It’s all starting to sound like sweet music to the ears..

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