Ultimate Calorie Burner Workout

Ultimate Calorie Burner Workout

Anytime Fitness Australia


Nov 25, 2018

With the festive season beginning, it may seem all too tempting to sacrifice 30 minutes of exercise for that extra drink at the bar or any of those celebratory indulgences! While we could easily come up with an extensive list of excuses to ditch our fitness regime during the holidays, we could also just modify our workouts to make them quick and efficient instead!

We’ve come up with the perfect HIIT style functional workout to help counter some of those extra holiday calories. It’s fun, challenging and aimed at increasing your heart rate rapidly by engaging multiple muscles throughout each exercise! The more muscles you work, the more you’ll burn! Not only that, but the workout is programmed to rev up your metabolism, meaning you’ll continue burning for calories for hours after your workout is finished!

Note: 2 min rest is only to be completed after each circuit.  When choosing the weight of the medicine balls and dumbbells, make sure that it will be a challenge to complete the circuit.

What you need:

  • Box/Bench
  • 2 x Dumbbell
  • 1 x Medicine ball
  • Rower
  • Treadmill/Assault

Warm up: Continuous rotation for 3 minutes

  • 15 Squats
  • 10 Push ups
  • 5 Burpees

CIRCUIT 1: 5 minutes continuous – as many rounds as possible (AMRAP)

  • Side medicine ball slams – 12 each side
  • Single arm dumbbell 5 kg snatch – 8 each side
  • Box jump – 6 reps

Exercise instructions:

  • Medicine ball slams
    – Stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold medicine ball below chest
    – Lift ball above head – maintaining a firm grip
    – Bring the ball down to a slam on the right side of the body
    – Bend the knees to a squat position (chest up) to pick up the ball and bring back to start position
    – Repeat on opposite side
  • Single arm dumbbell snatch
    – Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart and lower hips towards the floor
    – Use an overhand grip to hold the dumbbell with one hand
    – Quickly pull the dumbbell towards the ceiling, simultaneously straightening knees and hips to raise yourself up onto the balls of your feet (keep dumbbell close to your body)
    – Quickly rotate elbow under the weight and extend arm. Dumbbell is to rest over the shoulder with the palm facing away from the body
    – Control the dumbbell back towards the ground, and change hands
    – Repeat
  • Box jump over
    – Have a box or bench at a height you’re comfortable with and on a flat surface
    – Face box then jump or step onto the box
    – Step down
    – Repeat

CIRCUIT 2: 4 rounds of each

  • Walking lunges 5kg dumbells in each hand – 6 each side
  • 200m treadmill run OR 12 Cal assault bike – 200m or 12 Cal
  • Wide and narrow push ups – 10 reps

Exercise instructions:

  • Walking lunges
    – Hold dumbbells in each hand
    – Start with feet shoulder width apart
    – Step forward with one leg, bend the back knee until it nearly touches the ground
    – Keep chest up and shoulders relaxed
    – Drive heel through the front foot and straighten both knees to raise back up
    – Step forward with back leg and repeat
  • Changing angle push ups
    – Hands and toes/knees on the ground
    – Hands directly underneath shoulders
    – Squeeze backside and abs – ensuring no arch in back
    – Drop chest to ground and back up again
    – Between each push up, change the position of hands to wider than shoulder width and back

CIRCUIT 3: 4 rounds of each

  • Medicine ball clean and squat – 15 reps
  • Hollow rocks – 30 seconds
  • 150m row – 150m
  • Medicine ball clean
    – Shoulder width apart
    – Ball between feet with palms gripping the side of the ball in a deep squat
    – Drive up with heels, hips straighten rapidly and shoulder shrug
    – Arms pull the ball upwards coming from the bottom of the squat and drive elbows forward
    – Drop the medicine ball on the ground
    – Repeat
  • Hollow rock
    – Lay flat on the ground
    – Push lower back into the ground, squeeze backside and abs
    – Lift legs off the floor and hands interlocked overhead
    – Rock forward and back
    – Regress the movement: Bend knees to chest and toes touch the floor – extend feet out until hardest point – or drop hands by side

By Adriana Kalidis, National Fitness Coordinator, Anytime Fitness
Adriana brings over 15 years of experience to the fitness industry gained as both a personal trainer and manager specialising in rehabilitation, functional training and Olympic lifting. She is passionate about moving with purpose and has a background in martial arts and adventure sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing and trekking. Adriana is always looking for the next thrill to satisfy her hunger for adventure!