The best advice you could take is this! 👌🏼 Don't put off starting on your goals. Put on your sneakers and get out for a walk, go shopping for nutritious food, clean out junk food from your pantry, get down and do some pushups... There are so many ways to get started, it doesn't matter how, just start 😃 #Repost @brooke_livedreamlift (@get_repost) ・・・ I DONT wait till Monday to start fresh. If I slip up on my diet aye I’m only human, doesn’t mean I’m going to eat shit for the rest of the week. Why wait till New Years or till “Monday” to join gyms to change who you are and could be. Why wait. Arnt you sick of waiting ? Sick of being average. Just do it. Do it now #dontwait #justdoit #changenow #winatlife

30 December