Anytime Fitness Pyrmont

SWIPE ➡️ The Leg Press - One of our favourite pin loaded weight machines that allows you to perform a wide variety of compound lower body strength exercises (compound movements = exercises that involve more than one muscle group). It’s great for working all the major muscles of the lower body - your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Here we have Jen performing a unilateral leg press under the guidance of our PT Alex. Do this at the end of your next leg workout and feel the burn! Drop down the weight, increase the reps and just focus on your technique - Create that mind to muscle connection and thank us later 😝. P.s - if you feel like one side is weaker than the other that means you should be adding more unilateral exercises to your training program! For more tips feel free to talk to one of friendly staff! :) #anytimefitness #anytimefitnesspyrmont #pyrmont #squats #legday #chickswholift #legpress #unilateralmovements #strength #hammerstrength #gym

9 January