Anytime Fitness Clontarf💪

WOD (Workout Of the Day!!!) Complete!! 👊🏽 🔥 Whoaaaa, Hands are still shaking!!! Congratulations Bootcampers, you crushed today’s WOD!! 👏🏽 👏🏽 Those dang burpees got me good 🤪🤪 Thanks fellas @jonobannisterpt Jonathan and @sirjdcollins Jd, keep up the great work!!! Loving every second of it, even if we may come across aggressive 😂 😂 #sorryaboutwhatwesay #wedontmeanit #zone #focus Enjoy the rest of your day, you deserve it after that killer training session, make good food choices, drink plenty of water!! Peace ✌🏼

19 January