Thank you all for your inspiring entries.

We will be looking through and picking a winner from each of the categories and will be contacting the winners soon.

The winners will be announced at our Annual Conference in Sydney in October.


Steven Bisby, 57 years old, Vincentia, NSW

I was diagnosed with M.S. (Multiple sclerosis) approximately two and a half years ago and it came as a huge shock to both me and my family.

I had to give up working and quite a considerable amount of other things and learnt that M.S. does not discriminate. I was having trouble with my mobility and many, many other things that we all take for granted.

At the age of 55 I was convinced I had to do something positive to help with my journey to getting my life back on track. I’d been told that exercise could play a big part in gaining my mobility and my confidence back to somewhere that I was more accustomed to. So with the encouragement and support of my wonderful wife and family members, I visited Jo and her team at Anytime Fitness Vincentia, who got me on the long road to a much better and brighter outlook.

Since joining Anytime Fitness, my life has changed for the better. With help from Jo and her team I have been able to return to a much better outlook and things I found difficult to achieve before, have now been much easier to deal with.

I have so much I wish to thank Anytime Fitness Vincentia for. Don’t hesitate to contact an Anytime Fitness club in your area. I would highly recommend them and their professional assistance to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where exercise may help with a particular situation.

Thank you Anytime fitness for your support over the last two and a half years. It has been simply life changing. Oh, and not forgetting my beautiful wife and family for their support also!


Linda Pinnock, 37 years old, midwife from Wanneroo

I joined Anytime Fitness, Wanneroo, 18 months ago after a difficult and sudden separation from my husband of almost 20 years. I fought so hard for our relationship but the loss of myself, my family and friendships which followed, affected me mentally as well as physically. I was stressed, lonely and I was depressed. And as a result, I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.

Previous to this, in 2014, I had my 3rd brain surgery for the removal of a recurrent brain tumour. This has given me permanent left-sided weakness, a disability that I’ve had to learn to accommodate, especially given that I am left-handed.

I remember walking into my local Anytime Fitness, full of self-doubt and stress; no friends and no confidence. I walked in and out of my club three times before I finally joined. My initial goal was to tone and build my strength after weight loss, but beginning training, I realised the positive impact it was having on my mental health, strengthening my self-worth. There would be days where I would cry in the gym because of events in my personal life. But I would get up, get on with my lifting and would always feel better.

My thanks go to the support and coaching of the manager and PT, Cheridan! From day dot she taught me how to use the equipment and encouraged me to reach my fitness goals by showing me basic weight lifting techniques and exercises, encouraging me to take part in classes. Through her organisation of fitness events, in and out of the gym, I’ve been able to be sociable and build a new circle of friends, a healthy new body and a more positive mindset.

I went from being unable to hold a pen after brain surgery to lifting and weight training thanks to the support of Anytime Fitness Wanneroo. People look at me now as a gym junkie but in my gym I’ve found my church, my solitude, my sanity and my strength. When I’ve been at my lowest mentally because of the difficulty in my past, the owners, trainers and members, have been right by my side to push me through and encourage me to keep going. That is why I am always in my gym. I recommend my club to anyone looking for a positive change.

When you think you can’t, you can. Physical exercise comes from the mind. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything. When you don’t want to go, just get there, and once you are there, start.