Brooke’s Story

I’m Brooke, I’m 24 years old and I joined Anytime Fitness about 3 years ago. I started at quite a beginner level. I would just run on the treadmill, do light-weights. But I think the thing that has worked the most for me is heavy lifting. It started when I didn’t see any results with my training. I wasn’t feeling like I was seeing any changes, or I wasn’t feeling exhausted anymore. So I decided to lift weights.

I’m definitely starting to tone up more, I’m starting to feel stronger and I’m hurting more. If you’re not hurting, it’s not a workout! 3 years ago I was always obsessed with my weight and looking at the scales but it got to the point where I needed to stop looking at the scales and look at myself. My clothes are looser; my body is looking toned. The scales mean nothing – it’s just a weight.

My journey with Anytime Fitness has definitely been positive. Without it I wouldn’t be as strong and motivated as I am now compared to where I was 3 years ago. Training for me is like a mental health boost. It helps with my self-confidence, and it’s like my kick-start for the day.

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