Loren’s Story

I’m Loren and I’m 33 years old. I’ve had a huge weight-loss journey, I was 129kg and needed to change. I didn’t have any health issues but I knew that they were going to be around the corner if I didn’t make a change.

I suffered from a bit of depression and people kept on telling me to go join a gym, so I did! If it wasn’t for the club manager, Mikalee, I wouldn’t be where I am now. She was so supportive, I sat in her office, I cried, we cried together and she shared her own story with me. She gave me a fob and now it’s a part of my daily ritual.

I was always so scared to come to gym when I was fat because I thought people stared at me. But you know what, nobody notices it. Everybody is so into their own journey when they come to a gym. Just come, focus on you, and make sure you do what makes you feel good. Don’t push yourself too hard, push yourself to where you feel as though you are. You will find that overtime you will push yourself more because you want to.

I always tell people that I finally look how I feel on the inside – because I do feel fit and healthy, and now I look it as well.

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