Ricky’s Story

I’m Ricky, I’m 39 years old and I’ve been training at Anytime Fitness since February 2017. I was active up until my mid 20s, then I had kids in my early 30s and life got busy with that! Corporate life with work and kids and so forth; you forget about yourself and focus on work, career and kids. Everything else gets put aside.

Before starting at Anytime Fitness, I was pretty stressed. Coming out of a broken relationship, stress at work and a lot of travelling. It’s easy to come home from a stressful day and go to the fridge and grab a beer or eat something unhealthy. I was just getting into a bit of a bad habit, so I just wanted to break that cycle.

I started back at the gym, for me it was about a bit of self-confidence and a bit of self-worth again. Having been fit and then getting to that stage where you’re getting a little bit older and not as fit – I wanted to get back into a routine.

Since joining Anytime Fitness, my body fat has probably gone down by 50%. I was 72kg and now I’m up at about 83kg. Age hasn’t stopped me at all. I’m 39, but I don’t feel 39.

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